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What You Should Know About Industrial Fall Protection

Falling objects are some of the most prevalent causes of work-related accidents that can result in either severe injury or even death. When the job environment requires employees to work from raised positions, the employer is required to put in place mitigating measures to guard against the accidental falling of workers. If the work position is raised to above five feet ,then it is advisable to get some form of fall protection to arrest the mechanism implemented in the failing system.

Fall protection is also required when someone is working above dangerous equipment regardless of the height above it. Any open elevated platforms should be adequately protected with guardrails to protect the workers from accidentally tumbling over. All floor holes that workers can accidentally walk into should be either surrounded with guard rails or covered with an appropriate hole-cover. Employers can also use safety nets, handrails, or staircase railings to guard against unharnessed fall into open spaces.

The floors of working spaces should also be kept clean and dry to protect the workers against accidentally slipping and falling. Any known dangers that an employee can be prone to should also be adequately guarded against. If there is a need for the workers to utilize a specific kind of equipment in order to guard against accidental falls, the company should be in a position to provide such gear without passing the cost to the workers.

It’s also important to train the workers on safety measures that they can employ and the use of safety equipment for them to stay safe. Employees should be well versed on the different hazards that may arise in the process of working and take necessary precaution measure while working in that environment. Regular inspections should be carried out on anchorages that are used with rope descent systems to ascertain that they are in good working condition. Ladders that stretch over twenty four feet need to be equipped with cages that function as arrest system.

Different industries have a specific set of fall mitigation equipment that applies to them that the employers in such industries are required to adequately invest in. For individuals that are in construction industry leading edges that are six feet above the ground should be protected with safety guard rails. Workers that are working on roofs need to be protected against falling by the use of guardrails, harnesses and safety nets. Materials used in construction should be strong to handle weight of a person and any other equipment that they could be carrying.

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