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How to Plan an Enjoyable Golf Trip

Knowledge and good planning are key to a successful golf trip. It doesn’t matter if you book the trip through a travel company or on your own – there are tips that can guide you as you try to make wise choices and well-informed decisions.

Travel Company versus No Travel Company

You can settle this issue simply by considering your budget and your free time. Using a tour company will increase your costs, but they make your trip more convenient in all respects.

Defining a Budget

Your budget is your personal decision, but you have a lot of ways to stretch your resources. For example, you can choose a B&B instead of a pricey hotel. If you tour with a bigger group, you can split some of the fixed costs and save more money as well. Try to be creative when thinking up ways to make the most of your trip.

Where to Go

This may be a bit tricky. While it’s tempting to play all over the country, it can be draining and costly, and keep you from maximizing your time. For many people, choosing one or two regions as their base is better than constantly traveling.


Again, this is mainly a budget issue. You may think of home rental as too expensive, but when you’re traveling with a group, this could well be your most affordable choice. Another huge factor is whether you want to base yourself in one or two areas, or you would like to be traveling.


If you’re going with a group (most probably you are), renting a car is a good option. If you’ll be in Europe, be sure to have a driver who can drive a manual car on the left side of the road. And ask for a larger vehicle size. European cars are typically smaller and getting everything to fit, such as your clubs and bags – not to mention your golf tour buddies – could be a challenge. Of course, another option you have is public transportation. Not the most convenient option, but it will be scenic and fun. You can use the travel time to rest from a long, exhausting day of play, or to relax for the events of the next day.

Booking Tee Times

It’s often easy to get tee times, especially if it’s done in advance. Some courses may have limited guest play, so you’re really going to have to book early. If necessary, don’t think twice asking about their replay rate. Deals can be great at some courses if you return on the same day or week.

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