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The Fundamentals of Bible Study

Even though we are already in the 21st century, the conventional reading the Word is still considered as the most utilized way to conduct Bible study. Just simply get it and read it. It sounds like it is really simple, doesn’t it? But, by simply getting your Bible and read it for a few minutes before going to sleep is not enough to be qualified as a fruitful Bible study time. Surely, you can claim that you have read it. And, if it is the thing that you really desire to accomplish, then you already got your objective.

But, the Almighty Father does not want you to just allot your time in reading His Word just to put a check mark on your to-do-list. He would want it to be the right moment wherein He could utilize His Word to refresh your thoughts. Where He could give you blessings and change your old self into a new person in which He wants you to be. So, how do you perform your study in the Bible? It should be under the supervision of the Holy Spirit!

At this time, let us find out the fundamentals of the Bible study.

1. Never forget to ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit before doing your Bible study.

2. You can write down your insights in your Bible.

There are people who are afraid that they would create mess in their Bibles. Avoid being frightened. You can actually make your own notes in the sides of your Bible and make highlights on the passages that has impact in your life. This will make things easier to remember and be able to reread the important passages that you have learned.

By reading through your revelations and notes in a regular manner is actually one of the greatest manners in order to remind yourself about what the Holy Spirit tells you whenever you have your Bible study.

3. Choose a particular reason or topic for conducting your Bible study.

Direct your study into a thing that you are really interested and you would always have it in your mind to constantly study your Bible. Figure out on what the Lord has to state about improving ones faith and raising God-fearing children. Acquire for all the wisdom in the book of Proverbs or you could read about the entirety of the creation in the book of Genesis. This is the ultimate method to customize your strategy in conducting your Bible study.

Obviously, reading the Bible is not just the only method to conduct your study about the Bible. Bible study classes and study workbooks could be excellent methods to grow with a good relationship with God by means of reading His Word. You could actually read the Bible online. The free online Bible study could typically make the availability of God’s word whenever and wherever you are. So you may now take your break and be part of your online Bible study.

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